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Problems and Objectives

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FPSK (Family Psychological Services of Kirkland) wanted to make the local community aware of their new education services available through OLS (Optimal Learning Solutions). They needed advertisements they could run in a local magazine where parents with kids in need, would discover their services.


There is a local Magazine for parents that is free and readily available around the area at locations where families would frequent, called ParentMap.

The Parent Map Mission

ParentMap understands what it means to be a parent, because we’ve been there, too. From the first thrilling coo to the dirtiest diaper, from the endless soccer and dance rehearsals to the homework struggles, from the scariest moments and biggest questions to the deepest joys: our trusted resources and award-winning content will help you on your journey. ParentMap knows that you are your child’s most important teacher.

That’s why we bring you a full menu of parenting nourishment, from the most fascinating research and important family news (what we like to call the broccoli) to get-out-of-the-house-now ideas for adventure and enrichment (the popcorn!).

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child and our deep community connections, family advocacy and unique partnerships with the best support organizations, child-friendly businesses and school networks allow you to build the very best village. Popcorn to broccoli, cradle to college, ParentMap is right here with you.

Parent Map - https://www.parentmap.com/about-us

ParentMap is a great magazine that parents look to for information they can use to help nourish and grow with their children. As OLS has services to help their children flourish and grow, while providing the parents support. ParentMap was a great choice for OLS as they both have the same interests for parents and children in the local community.

We had decided to go with a simple ad campaign while keeping the OLS and FPSK branding. This was straight to the point with what services that were provided by OLS. The simplicity of the advertisements in a sea of other busy ads had actually made it stick out from the others creating a successful campaign. Ida Wicklund, ParentMap's Advertising Sales and Partnerships Manager, noticed the difference and sent her praises to on the advertisements FPSK on its success.

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Original Advertisement before OLS was branded
1.87 in x 2.33 in Advertisement for FPSK in ParentMap magazine
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1.87 in x 2.33 in Advertisement for OLS in ParentMap magazine
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1.87 in x 5 in Advertisement for OLS in ParentMap magazine
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Skills Applied

Advertisement, Marketing, Graphic Design, Branding, Color Theory, Adobe Illustrator

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